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Shop Local on your Main Street: Remarkable Port Townsend and Teddy Bear

Shop Local To Support Your Community

Shopping local in your city or town helps keep your local economy going, which in turn helps attract more business and visitors. As a realtor I know that a strong small business economy ultimately helps with maintaining home values. Did you know that small businesses generate $86 of local economic return for every $100 spent with them? Plus, the statistic I really like and appreciate as a fundraiser for non-profits: Small businesses donate 250% more than large businesses to community causes!

Your Gift Shopping Can Make A Difference

When I was gift shopping in Port Townsend, this window display at Abracadbra Gift Store caught my eye. It contains a rocking chair, a storybook “Remarkable Port Townsend” and a teddy bear. I know the shop owners strongly support the community, and the gift shop is a highlight visit for children and families any time you walk around downtown. Your local businesses such as this one need your support during COVID-19 restrictions so they can continue to be a part of our communities. Imagine the chain of consequences that starts when you buy the local book, which helps support an author or artist. Each of them contribute in their own way back to the community, perhaps in educating and inspiring children. The bustling town in turn inspires others. “Remarkable Port Townsend” author Michael Hale stated in an article in the Port Townsend Leader:

“That’s the joy of Port Townsend,” Hale said. “It’s almost like a fantasy world. There’s all these fun things for artists to paint.”

I couldn’t agree more, and if you come to Port Townsend to visit to buy a gift, or  even to buy a home, bring your art brushes and your camera.

Explore Port Townsend

If you are interested in exploring Port Townsend, check out the Port Townsend Main Street website for shopping, eating and things to do. If you are interested in living in or locating your business in Port Townsend region, including Kitsap County, please give me a call or email, and I would be glad to help with your real estate needs.

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